2020 Communicating Careers Conference

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Keynote Webinar: Thursday, June 25th at 2PM

Join our keynote speakers for two presentations in this 1.5hr long free Zoom webinar focused on inclusiveness and equitable support for all student populations. Each presentation will be followed by a short breakout session to debrief and brainstorm with each other.

Watch the recorded session, here.

Building a Neurodiverse High-tech Workforce
Eleanor Loiacono, Professor of IT & Data Science, WPI

Worldwide, a growing proportion of the population is neurodiverse, such as autism and ADHD. However, such people have skills and perspectives that can be valuable for high-tech companies whose success depends on “out– of–the–box” thinking. In this presentation I will describe four critical practices in building such a workforce and lessons learned based on case studies with two major high-tech firms (one U.S.-based and the other European) in building a neurodiverse workforce.

Marketing a mindset: Serving as an effective ally through career services engagements
Ana Clara Blesso, Graduate Career Counselor, UConn School of Business

Ally (n): an individual who unites or forms a connection.

As career centers strive to meet the needs of all student populations, including those most vulnerable in the workplace, career professionals must develop competencies and utilize skills to showcase authentic interest in student well-being. In a time of uncertainty for many marginalized students, it is crucial that career professionals are equipped to support student populations as they face systemic challenges and a sometimes-perilous transition to the working world.

Serving as an ally is a multi-dimensional approach – one which takes time, effort, and thoughtful strategy. Through this session, attendees will gain insight on the importance of strong ally-ship in career services spaces in higher education and learn best practices for demonstrating inclusiveness and equity-minded principles through marketing and communication.

Best Practices Coffee Breaks

We’ve re-imagined our best practices sessions to bring you a free series of short presentations that are the perfect excuse to take an afternoon break and learn from our peers. Catch these live Zoom presentations.

May 28th at 2pm | Scalable Marketing Solutions: Leveraging Partners, Platforms, and Influencers
Tyler Wentworth, Director of Marketing, Communication and Engagement, UNH Career and Professional Success

Watch the recorded session here.

With limited personnel, challenging budgets, and many hats to wear, your marketing team (if you actually have one) only has so many hours in the day. How can we extend our capabilities to utilize our campus partners to help spread the word about career development and professional success? In this session, we’ll share the engagement strategy we’ve operationalized utilizing campus partners, students, and inexpensive (or free) marketing tools that help us reach and engage more than 90% of our students uniquely.

June 8th at 2pm | Creating a Micro Networking Event with Big Results
Stacey Moulton, Associate Director, Marketing & Communications, Providence College Center for Career Education & Professional Development

Watch the recorded session, here.

Traditional Networking Nights are valuable, and can offer students opportunities to meet many alumni from a variety of careers fields. But what if a student knows the career field they want, and attend an event to find only 1 or 2 alumni from that field?
At Providence College we planned a networking event with that issue in mind, and launched our Careers In … event. The Careers In… event focuses on one field and drills down to different jobs within an area. Our signature event, Careers In…Science provides student who want to work in healthcare, but aren’t sure what that means, the chance to speak with 10-12 alumni with a different career in the same field. During the event students are able to participate in speed networking rounds, then stay longer if they wish to follow up with a particular speaker.

June 11th at 2pm | Small Data: Can email and social media analytics be helpful?
Meg Wilson, Program and Marketing Coordinator, Duke University Career Center

Watch the recorded session, here.

We’ll take a look at an experiment in sharing analytics for good! Communication efforts are more important than ever –to teach, to advertise, and to help insure excellent student and employer relationships. In an effort to measure success and asses our student email and social media for improvement, I asked communication colleagues to share analytics so we could fully pull back the curtain, so to speak.

July 9th at 2pm | Content Management for Career Blogs
Sarah Thompson Marketing & Communications Manager, Center for Career Development, Boston University

Watch the recorded session, here.

You’re ready to start your career blog. The only question that remains is; whose voices will you share? How will you manage their participation? And how will you keep yourself from going crazy as you navigate shifting priorities and missed deadlines? Join Boston University Center for Career Development’s Marketing & Communications Manager Sarah Thomas as she provides real-world case examples and best practices for managing a career blog.

July 23rd at 2pm | Helping Your Students and Yourself Through Career Communities
Michael DeAngelis, Senior Digital Resources Manager, University of Pennsylvania Career Services

Watch the recorded session, here.

The amount of information and resources we have to share with our constituents can be overwhelming. Organizing a Career Services website can sometimes feel like an unwinnable battle. In this session, we’ll look at how organizing jobs and resources into “communities” helped the University of Pennsylvania Career Services office better serve their students and improve work-flow for the staff. From reducing time spent on e-mail lists to being able to quickly answer the question “Who’s hiring?”. While this session will talk about leveraging the uConnect platform, there will be plenty of information and ideas that can be implemented across platforms, as well as ways these communities might be developed in the future.

July 30 @ 2pm | Breaking the Ice in a Virtual World: Helping First/Second Year Students Use Social Networking to Explore Possible Majors
Ashley Cross, Career Development Advisor, Palm Beach State College Career Center

Watch the recorded session, here.

Networking is often times a difficult, but necessary skill for college students to learn. However, given the pandemic and how so many of us are online, it is actually easier than ever for our students to start developing this skill. A way we can simplify the process and make these interactions more accessible (and less intimidating) is by promoting micro-exchanges online and offering avenues for both peer-to-peer and staff-to-student learning. Join Ashley Cross, a Career Advisor at Palm Beach State College, in discussing some specific tips and scripts to help our shy first & second years start exploring majors through social networking.

Stay tuned for future coffee break sessions throughout the summer!

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Conference Refund Options

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm for the 2020 Communicating Careers Conference. It means so much to us that, even after five years, this event and the community that has formed around it continues to be a valued part of so many amazing professional’s journeys. For those of you who previous paid to attend the 2020 conference we’ve created three refund options:

  • Full refund
  • Roll over to 2021 conference and/or 2020 winter webinar
  • Roll over to AU3CP membership dues

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Planning Committee

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Eleanor Cartelli
Senior Associate Director
Center for Career Development, Boston University

Rick DelVecchio
Director of Career Development
College of Arts and Sciences, Quinnipiac University

Jennifer Pawlewicz
Career Engagement and Marketing Specialist
Career Services, Ithaca College

Abbey Pober
Assistant Director, Systems & Marketing
Center for Cooperative Education & Career Development, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Allison Postlethwait
Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications
Career Center, Boston College

Sarah Thomas
Marketing & Communications Manager
Center for Career Development, Boston University

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